Publishing the 2nd Edition

Things are happening a bit more slowly on this edition as we’re gearing up to print a limited edition of the Journal. The goal is to distribute this Special Edition in time for this year’s Social Age Safari.

This edition not only features some thought provoking stories and lessons from the Social Age, but it also describes the Journal’s process in detail.

This edition is designed to be shared widely, physically torn up and passed on, to inspire those around us.

The first edition is ready!


Just on schedule! (ahem)

Check it out on Issuu

Thanks to everyone who made this experiment happen, the fine submissions and supportive review team made sure we were able to cross the finish line.

This marks the end of the first iteration of our experiment, an adventure in co-creation, with lessons learned along the way.

Questions came up as we found ways to work together:

  • How do we assess the writing that comes in?
  • What is the criteria for an article in the Journal?
  • What voice, what tone? Should we have one?

This first edition was influenced by the word ‘Journal’. The submissions all relate to the Social Age, and what it means in each of the author’s lives. And there was an academic tone that emerged, based on the submissions received and the peer review volunteers.

While this wasn’t the intent, I think it was important to have the first edition be an expression of the community that brought it about, all people that came to the Social Age Safari and remained enthusiastic and active collaborators.

We needed a starting point, something against which we can measure future success. As our readership grows, I hope to refine the process, tweaking, adding, changing along the way, to create the opportunity for all voices to be heard. We have made a great start!

Celebration is in order! Look inside for clues as to who you can congratulate!

Review team, your contribution was crucial to this acheivement, our thanks go to:

  • Sarah Sniderman
  • Hannah Moxom
  • Jamie Lawrence
  • Gail Radecki


Review process underway!

After kicking off the review process last week, our peer review team has been working hard, providing feedback and comments on the submissions we received.

As the Journal of the Social Age, the idea is that the review process be an example of how we can collaborate to co-create knowledge, using technology to facilitate.

To understand the process, take a look at our illustration. Feel free to comment and provide feedback on it as well!